Club President

Alice Ekonomou

This officer is the chief executive officer responsible for the supervision and operation of the club. The president sets the tone for the club and provides helpful, supportive leadership for all activities.

Vice President Education (VPE)

Eric Fingerhut

This officer is responsible for planning successful club meetings and making sure each member has the opportunity to achieve their educational goals.

Vice President Membership (VPM)

Ann Wood

This officer manages the process of bringing guests to meetings and encouraging those guests to become members. The VPM maintains a constant flow of new people into the club.

Vice President Public Relations (VPPR)

This role is currently empty, why not give it a try?

This officer promotes the club in the community and notifies the media about the club news and benefits. The VPPR updates web content and social media and safeguards the Toastmasters brand identity.


Christiane Hoppe-Oehl

This officer maintains club records, manages files, handles club correspondence, and takes the minutes at each club and executive committee meeting.


Katherine Quinn

This officer is the club accountant. The treasurer manages the club bank account, writes checks when approved by the executive committee, and deposits dues and other club revenues.

Sergeant at Arms

Franziska Gräppi

This officer keeps track of physical inventory. The SAA arrives early to prepare the meeting place and stays afterwards to stow all club equipment.