Becoming a Member

Excited about what Toastmasters has to offer? Here’s your quick guide on how to get started on your Toastmasters journey!

#1 – Come as a guest

The first thing you should absolutely do, if you haven’t done yet, is to visit one of our club meetings and get to know our members and collaborative atmosphere. No need to announce yourself in advance, just drop in!

#2 – Get your paperwork done and pay your membership fees

  • In order to become a member, you need to fill in an Application Form. The VP Membership (VPM) can give it to you during our club meetings, or you can just download and print it from here.
  • Hand it back to the VPM, who will then tell you how much your membership fees are (which are based on the pro-rata of the moment of the year that you join).
    • Membership fees for a year are 150 CHF + 20 CHF registration fees (first time only).
    • Dual club discount: Lausanne International offers a 10% discount on the membership fees for members who belong to more than one club.
    • Transferring member: Members can transfer from one club to another club free of charge.

Payment details

Lausanne International Toastmasters Club, 1009 Pully
IBAN: CH66 0900 0000 1765 2081 9
Post account: 17-652081-9 (to be used with a red in-payment slip at the nearest post office)

Please mention your name on the payment reference.
  • Then, you shall make sure that your account on EasySpeak is correctly setup. EasySpeak is our club meetings organization tool. You should get an e-mail with your username and password once your payment has been received.
  • In the meantime, read this introductory guide to Toastmasters to get familiar with how your new community functions!

#3 – Get started on Pathways

Pathways is your online learning platform. That’s where you get your assignments and report your progress.

Go to the Pathways Starting Page and follow the steps under “Choose your path” to identify your Path – that is the specialty you’re going to focus on during your first steps as a Toastmaster.

Once your Path is set up, you can start developing your public speaking and leadership skills through Base Camp, the online learning platform for Pathways.

#4 – Sign up for roles during our club meetings

To announce your attendance and sign up for roles, go to EasySpeak then go to “My Participation > Sign up for meetings” and confirm your participation. Sign up for a role by clicking on the  icon. Click here for more details.

#5 – Request a speech

To request a speech go to EasySpeak then go to “My Participation > Request a Speech”. Under “Workbook”, select the Path you’ve chosen on Pathways. Click here for more details.

#6 – Get social!

And that’s it! Congrats, you’re now officially a Toastmaster. We’re so excited to have you on-board and we’re very much looking forward to see your first Ice breaker speech!